Tourism Operational Management


Hotel Management Solutions

Tourism Operational Management provides an extensive range of services enabling Owners to operate their investments as Independent Hotels and Resorts. Our principal objective is to provide profitable operating solutions tailored to the individual requirements and the unique goals of Hotel Ownership. Covering all aspects of Operational Management, TOPMAN delivers clearly defined systems and procedures by experienced professionals across all departments.


Accurate Financial Reports and the precise analytical interpretation of data is paramount to the decision making process of all successful businesses. TOPMAN provides the necessary policies and procedures for:

  • Internal controls and audits
  • Forecasting and latest estimates
  • Budgeting and cash flow management
  • Payroll monitoring
  • Timely month and year end reporting
  • Constant financial evaluation of the business

Human Resource Management

The Hospitality Industry is defined by the Management of its Human Resources. Recruiting, training, developing and empowering service orientated professionals in providing and delivering high quality guest experiences is paramount. Tourism Operational Management can provide services for:

  • Recruitment and selection policies and procedures
  • Training and development programs
  • Contractual obligations
  • Staff Benefit programs
  • Industrial relations

Sales and Marketing

Tourism Operational Management provides tailored Sales and Marketing solutions to suit individual Hotels and Resorts. Commencing with a strategic analysis and audit of the current sales processes and market penetration effectiveness, to positioning, market conditions, competitor activity in order to deliver a fully integrated Sales and Marketing Plan.

Digital Marketing and Communications

A key component of the TOPMAN strategy in driving sales for our clients is based on our experience and expertise in channel sales and direct to consumer online sales; covering 'Paid, Earned and Owned' digital marketing across search and social media. Our strategic campaigns are extremely effective in driving revenue for our clients by targeting consumers at key points in the online buying cycle.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management encompasses the processes of Data Collection, Demand Forecasting, Segmentation and continuous and timely Re-evaluation to maximize revenue growth. TOPMAN's specialist team develops these processes to proactively formulate Revenue Management strategies for our clients by implementing:

  • Forecasting
    • Execution of daily, weekly and monthly statistics and trends
  • Business & Budget Planning Processing
    • Recommending cost saving or revenue improving/generating streams
    • Revenue Management budget planning
  • Channel Management Strategies
    • Revenue maximization across all distribution channels
    • Maintaining price integrity
    • Monitoring margin controls
  • Dynamic Pricing Tactics
    • Focusing on market conditions, demand generators and seasonality management
  • Inventory Control
    • Strategic allocation of capacity


Brand identity and the correct positioning are the cornerstones of success for all hotels. TOPMAN recognises that the key drivers for rebranding and developing a new brand identity encompasses a range of factors including changes in demand, rescaling, enhanced financial performance, including lower cost bases, and the goal of creating a unique brand that reflects the vision and company values of the Owner. TOPMAN has proven financial benefits for Hotels and Resorts operating as independents. TOPMAN offers full consultancy services to successfully rebrand and re-position chain branded Hotels and Resorts, including all on-going management services.


TOPMAN's extensive experience covers the entire detailed process of Pre-opening from initial market research, development concepts, staff recruitment to operations and finance systems as well as sales and marketing to opening day delivery and beyond.

TOPMAN delivers a highly structured and detailed approach for:

  • Preparation and implementation of the pre-opening critical path
  • Development and implementation of operating systems and procedures
  • Preparation of pre-opening budgets
  • Creation of pre-opening sales and marketing plans and critical path
  • Development of E-commerce strategies and web design
  • Staff recruitment
  • Opening Day Delivery